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Dowsing for Health

Dowsing for Health IPHM approved course with Vicky Sweetlove Dowsing for a Health Home Mind and Body at Worship Street, London EC2A Saturday and Sunday 10.30 a.m. to 5.00p.m. on the 22nd and 23rd June 2019 £180.00 for two days (Certificate of Attendance included ) In this interactive course Vicky will take you through various exercises to help you achieve a healthy home, mind and body. You will also learn how the environment affects your health and how to balance your energy levels. This workshop will include crystal grids for home and garden to give a healing space, by connecting to the energy of your home. Dowsing and clearing any Geopathic stress/harmful earth energies from your home remotely by map dowsing our homes to locate these areas that are out of balance and bringing back to harmony again. Dowsing the aura and working with crystals to bring the auric field back into balance. Dowsing for nutritional supplements and specific remedies needed for optimum health using charts. Psychic protection when to practice it, and to keep your energy fields protected when other people are suffering with dis-ease. How past lives chords can affect our health and dowsing to find out which patterns are repeated in this life and changing them. Know which dowsing tools to use and know the importance of ethics for dowsing for health. To book or for more information contact Vicky: mob: 07885 945008 email:



VISIT WEBSITE 01279 654129 (Vicky Sweetlove)

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