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The Transformational Truth of Tarot Retreat

The Transformational Truth of Tarot Retreat
THE TRANSFORMATIONAL TRUTH OF TAROT RETREAT + ACCREDITED TAROT DIPLOMA 1 Lamorna, West Penwith, Cornwall, February 26th - 1st March 2019. Welcome to a very special weekend in the most ancient Celtic heart of Cornwall. Welcome to the untouched ancient land of the Pixies, home to no less than 500 Bronze Age sites, magic happens here... Would You like to Open the Door to the Magic? Are you someone that has always had an interest in Tarot and self-development? Would you like to learn the transformational power of the tarot in a truly transformational place? Does the sound of starting a new commitment to your spiritual journey on a whole deeper level whilst being held in a powerful circle, within stone circles appeal to you? Then head here:



VISIT WEBSITE 07985249028 (tiffany crosara)

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