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Advanced Energy and Spirit Release Training

This is a two-day workshop on clearing a wide range of intrusive energy using high vibration energy. Its open to therapists who have done extensive work on their own personal issues to have the spiritual permission to do this type of work. It includes practical lecture, live demonstrations and pair work. The content includes: Review of basic energy management, including personal and therapy room protection and energy clearance, using a pendulum and therapists ideo-motor signalling Different intrusive energy types – spirit attachments, thought forms and emotional energy, elementals, obsessive spirit attachments, highly charged earthbound emotional energy (referred to as dark energy), and energy from other dimensions and planes of existence. Different types of personal energy protection when clearing intrusive energy How to use an Energy Vortex to quickly clear intrusive energies Detecting and clearing intrusive energies and fragments from yourself Clearing obsessive spirit attachments and dark energy Clearing curses and black magic Colour therapy to clear thought forms and emotional energy Clearing intrusive energy from other parts of the cosmos Working remotely to clear intrusive energy from clients and buildings For more see
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