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CANCELLED Un-Muddle your emotions!

Join me for an afternoon of embracing emotions and reframing the idea that some of them are bad or negative. We will be flipping those old perspectives and discovering how you can use those emotions to empower your choices! The afternoon will be a breath of fresh air for those people who struggle to communicate their emotions or struggle with how to deal with difficult emotions and will be a completely safe space for you to: ➡️Release your repressed emotions in a healthy way ➡️Reframe what emotions are ➡️Realise how they can help you ➡️Reaffirm your new steps forward. Exchange is £30 per person to include: ✔ Workbook to take home ✔ Certificate of participation ✔ Refreshments ✔ Cake ✔ Laughter ✔ Membership to the free 'Dare to be...You' group if you aren't already in there! Your host is me, Nici Gorman of Dare To Be Well Coaching and Healing. I am a wellbeing mentor and healer and I specialise in helping people to find their way back, to a life they want to participate in. I work with every day people, like you and me, on getting to the root causes of their self limiting beliefs and unf*cking their blocks in life, so that they can dare to be their best.




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