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The Balance Procedure

The balance procedure is an advanced accredited energy technique. It is used as a relaxation technique and aims to guide you to realise the negative thoughts and emotions which hold you back in life. How to learn The Balance Procedure TBP Level 1 One Day Practical workshop Level 1 Workshop Aims: Re-aligning you to your ‘Natural State of Being’ Identify personal triggers that throw you off BALANCE Understand the true power of thoughts and imagination Understand the power of emotions and why we have them Activate the Language of the Universe with TBP symbol cards Understand the energy of each card which represents a geometric symbol, affirmation, colour, number, zodiac, gemstone, element, planet, chakra, and physical aspect and when all is in BALANCE you have the key to the unconscious mind Connect your experiences with Law of Attraction to create your day The Level 1 Workshop includes a copy of The Balance Procedure Book & Symbol Cards. Fee £100 (including copy of the TBP book & cards)



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