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Star Beings, UFOs, ETs & Light Ships Workshop

Star Beings, UFOs, ETs & Light Ships Workshop
Exploring your past experiences & initiating new ones Have you have seen a UFO in the sky, had a bizarre dream with a Star Being, connected to a Extra-Terrestrial in a meditation or received communications from a being from elsewhere? Do you want to! Who were they? Where are they from? What do they want to say to you or help you with? What should you do if you see a UFO? How can you connect to them again? How can you connect to other amazing Star Beings? Why do children encounter ETs more than adults? Are yours hidden from you? Are these random events or is there a plan or reason behind them? Are you a Star Seed? HOW DO YOU INITIATE CONTACT?! What happens when we have physical, telepathic or etheric encounters with star beings? In this workshop, International Star Seed Channel Paul McCarthy will share the knowledge he has about the many different ways of connecting to Star Beings and how to take your experiences to the next step. Paul will give presentations of this subjects and will help some individuals to understand their past events and experiences. PLEASE NOTE that the workshop is centred on positive experiences and evolved Star Beings only and will not focus on negative subjects like abduction, implants or negative entities.




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