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Kosmic Fusion | Silent Meditations & Transmissions 11 Oct 2018

It was such an amazing experience at the previous meditation evening, to keep up with the momentum we look forward to arranging these wonderful & effortless meditation evenings fortnightly – so join in for another round of simplest & effective meditation evening and immerse yourself in the silence. So once again, you have this opportunity to silence the mind and float between time & space without any distraction. All these Silent Transmissions are powered by Quantum Vortex Energy. If you have tried all sorts of instructions, technicalities & constant chatter and still feel that unsatisfied void then you must drop by and experience the potent power of Zero Point. We have participants joining us from all walks of life, teachers of esoteric science, healers, professionals, students, home makers to beginners who want to explore their spiritual quests, so don’t think twice but take the plunge. Come and explore the inner universe at our next Meditation Evening. Rest your mind, body and observe the play of consciousness. Reach zenith points in complete silence and Connect with your True Soul. FAQ What can I expect at this Meditation Evening? Apart from general benefits of meditation like reducing stress, overcome anxiety, worry etc., and this will be your opportunity to silence the monkey mind in the “neutral” zone. Our previous participants had profound experience and felt the energies tangibly – every experience has been unique I’m new to meditation, can I join? Of course, in the past we had attendees from all walks of life and expertise (in spirituality) joining us with equal excitement. How much will it cost? It’s free, you may wish to give any donation to cover administrative costs



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