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Mas Sajady at the Mind Body Spirit Festival, Birmingham UK

Mas Sajady at the Mind Body Spirit Festival, Birmingham UK
Mas Sajady will be offering 2 Workshops & giving 2 free Live Stage Performances at the Mind Body Spirit Festival and will also be conducting Industrial-Strength Group Healing® sessions (IGHs) also known as "Success Frequency Scans" at the booth (Booth D50). These Success Frequency Scans will help you to identify and remove blocks that prevent you from living the ultimate life. Industrial Strength Group Healing® Sessions (IGHs): These will take the form of small groups of circa 8 individuals working with Mas for approximately 30 minutes. Limited amount available for pre-booking ($80 pp). Workshops: Fri 2nd Nov at 10.45am-12.45pm: 'Magic To Science - the Secret to High Frequency Living' During this talk, Mas will discuss his gifts and abilities to redesign and reprogram your spiritual blueprint, removing blocks and materializing rapid transformations. The talk includes a Medihealing® during which Mas will guide us into our natural state of 360 degrees of abundance. Mas will also share how to decode the secret to high frequency living in any situation and rapidly upgrade our quality of life. Sun 4th Nov at 10.45am-12.30pm: 'Mindfulness in New Business Paradigm' This presentation will give you a deep understanding of the timeless energetic principles impacting our personal and professional lives. It includes a potent Medihealing® to support you in recognizing and removing energetic blocks around business and professional development, helping you step into a new professional paradigm. Medihealings®: Fri 2nd Nov at 1.30-2pm: 'Quieting the Mind' Join Mas as he helps clear away the chit-chat of our minds, bringing quiet and calm to our physical presence. Sun 4th Nov at 2.30-3pm: 'Comfort with Change' In this Medihealing Mas will help us let go of fear and embrace ease in the face of change. For more information and to book, please visit:




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