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Celtic Art Workshop

Celtic Art Workshop featuring the Diamond Method of construction with Michael Tingle ‘The magical art of the Celts, a beginners guide to drawing Knots and Spirals with practical application by Michael Tingle featuring the 'Diamond Method' of knotwork construction.’ . In this workshop you’ll learn to draw the knots and spirals used extensively by the Celts. Bring your own paper and pencil (its free hand, no ruler is required) as this is a practical workshop. You’ll have a chance to go through the essential stages used to create these beautiful and mystifying patterns. Once the basics are mastered you can apply the techniques on your own and so develop your own style. . Michael has been drawing Celtic Art for over 25 years and has enjoyed exploring the teachings and ancient sacred sites of the Celts. He has developed his own ‘Diamond Method’ of Celtic knot creation that he’ll be sharing in this workshop. . Find out more at his website here:



Karen Kay

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