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Path to Higher Consciousness Weekly Workshop

Path to Higher Consciousness These are weekly sessions with a range of focuses for our spiritual growth and awareness with meditations with Angels, Ascended Masters, Earth keepers, Wisdom Keepers, Mary Magdelene, etc. Have you been to meditation or awareness classes before? Do you want to raise your vibrations? Raise your Energies? Do you want to connect deeper to universal energies and receive your own guidance? Time to connect with others, time to share openly, time to connect with angelic energies and time for you. Weekly 7.30pm - 9.00pm £5.00 per session Please contact me before attending (Kim 07580551979) Bit about me I'm an Angelic Reiki Practitioner, Magdalene High Priestess, Munay Ki creator I have been running Angel Meditation Classes and Workshops for over 4 years. We all have Guardian Angels and can connect to their wonderful high vibrations to raise your own vibrations. I channel ascended masters, angels, divine beings and these evening will include a focus and meditation to take you deeper into your inner world to receive guidance and inspiration from your higher self, soul, guides and divine energies.



VISIT WEBSITE 07580551979

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