Crystal Bowl & Himalayan Bowl Practitioner Training Course

This Practitioner Training Course is run over 3 weekend modules commencing on the 17th/18th November. This College of Sound Healing Course covers working with Crystal Bowls & Himalayan Bowls one to one, and also running group sound baths. If is an advanced course on working with sound and bowls, learning different techniques, and lots of hands on treatment with fellow students. We will be working with bowls on the body, sonic massage and learn indepth about the energy system. We also learn how to dowse the energy system looking for blockages, splits etc. This is a really indepth course and the full curriculum can be found on our website or on the College website at Each module is £185.00 and you will require a minimum of 3 Crystal & 3 Himalayan Bowls to complete the 18 case studies required for this course. You will need to become a student member of the College of Sound Healing as well as havinging student insurance. Also as a requirement you need to either attend a further 2 single day workshops on sound with the college, or you can attend the annual conference which also counts for these workshops. If you would like more information regarding this course please contact June Dickereson (Tutor) on 01525 753866. Spaces are limited to 6 people on these training sessions so please book early.



VISIT WEBSITE 01525 753866 (June Dickerson)

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