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Cellular Transformation with Jennifer Millar

Cellular Transformation with Jennifer Millar
Jennifer Millar teaches a healing process that works with powerful transformational energies to take your body through deep cellular purification. During this 3-Day Event, these energies pour through your body and begin to effortlessly unravel the fear-based epigenetic inheritance and life-trauma that you have absorbed since the point of conception. The effects of this healing process are tangible. Life-long issues can be sourced and dissolved in a matter of hours. Cellular Transformation Events also offer a set of practical inter-relational tools that can be utilized to enhance your study or practice of yoga, meditation, the arts, psychology, business, medicine and much more. If you're committed to: - bettering your communication skills - owning your personal power - learning how to find, speak and live your core truth - turning your fears into greater love, abundance and creativity - learning how to transform physical, emotional and mental pain into more chi or life-force - finding a way to overcome your issues without resorting to medication - clearing what's in the way of realizing your unique potential ......then you owe it to yourself to check out these life-changing events. For more information on Jennifer and her work check out her website: To book follow the link below:




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