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JCPF Psychic Development Course

Psychic Development Course - Discovering the Psychic Self Starting July 26th 2018 This is a 6 week course, taught by Tony Ashenden The course introduces the student to a BodyMind Power meditation and will be focusing on clairsentience and clairvoyance, as well as including an introduction to clairaudience. The course is primarily practical, with short ‘matter of fact’ talks which complement the practical development. Enrolment is open to everyone and is recommended for beginners, as well as those seeking to improve the development of their psychic senses. During week 1, the student will learn the BodyMind philosophy, with the introduction of the five BodyMind Powers, enabling the understanding of how we power our naturally functioning soul being. Week 2 will teach Psychic Self Defence – how to ground and protect your personality self. Week 3 will teach the development of the psychic feeling sense, with the do’s and don’ts offering practical guidance on cultivating clairsentience. Week 4 covers the left and right brain functions of Man – how they work and how psychic development can give a fuller life expression. Week 5 introduces the inner Voice, or Intuition – what the intuitive principle is and how to recognise intuitional impulses. Week 6 covers learning from intuition and developing the mind-set to enable and benefit from intuitional expression. The course starts on Thursday July 26th from 1930 until 2200. The venue will be the Cosham Community Centre, Wootton Street, Cosham PO6 3AP. Course fee JCPF Patron Members £48 & JCPF Full Members £42 Fior further information, please contact Tony on 023 92693169 or email



023 92693169 (Tony Ashenden)

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