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Working In Trance

Are you ready to embrace altered states of consciousness? Does your healing, mediumship or creative work need to come from a deeper place within? Are you ready to blend with the Guides, Inspirers and Energy Beings who want to work with you from a higher perspective? Join Intuitive Medium Annie Conboy for a down to earth, practical and experiential workshop to explore your own altered states. Trance work requires dedication, an open mind and the desire to find out what your abilities are. Are you ready to step up? Annie has been developing her own Trance mediumship and healing for thirteen years. She also works with her Guide Team to produce physical mediumship. Supportive, clear and well informed she provides a safe space to explore all aspects of altered states energy. The workshop costs £75 with a non refundable deposit of £30. Payments by instalment are available. Please ask for more details. Feedback from previous workshops: its been a wonderful day I've really enjoyed it and learnt new knowledge.And it was really nice to meet you ???. I look forward to any more workshops that you may be do in future xx What a wonderful day x Thank you very much. Very inspiring and loads of great guidance. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful space xxx



VISIT WEBSITE 07930 282773 (Annie Conboy)

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