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The Conference for Consciousness & Human Evolution

The Conference for Consciousness & Human Evolution
In the 20th Century space was the final frontier, in the 21st century Science is looking into the human mind and our consciousness! So there's a global revolution happening in Science and brave pioneers are piecing together a new reality of life, in which human emotions aren't arbitrary, they are the very building blocks of life itself! Each of the specially selected speakers, will be expounding their life's work to open doors of perception, which enable you to develop your consciousness with the understandings of today and the eternal mysteries of the past, as you embark on a 3 day journey inside yourself! 9 special talks designed to Empower You tools to Develop Your Consciousness! The Exclusive 2018 Schedule includes: Gregg Braden Lynne McTaggart Larry Dossey, MD Rupert Sheldrake Anita Moorjani Drs. JJ & Desiree Hurtak Dr. Konstantin Korotkov Ph.D Dieter Broers Albert Hoffmann With a special Monday workshop featuring Gregg Braden plus other activities. Go to for more information. See you in October!



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