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Weekend Healing ~ Retreat

 Weekend Healing ~ Retreat
The weekend is to revive your energy level in mind body and spirit. We will be using meditations, left & right brain balancing techniques channelled writing plus should you want to there will be an opportunity to have a 1-2-1 with me for spiritual counselling on a subject that is troubling you. We will be space clearing and aura cleansing. I'll also show you how to keep your aura clear of negative entities which zap our energy making us feel tired and lethargic. Spiritual healing to remove any blocks held in your body or aura from this life or a past life. Cord cutting from all adverse situations and relationships plus contracts made from past experiences you no longer need in your life. We will have time for journaling, walking or just sitting in silence so we can hear our thoughts and not the monkey mind which always chatters to distract us from what we need to understand. You can take part in all the activities or just the ones you feel drawn to. All my retreats are designed towards the people who attend them. All meals are vegetarian/vegan email:



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