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Atlantean Ascension Workshop with Tim Whild & Rosemary Stephenson

Celestial Light Healers Atlantean Ascension Workshop Tickets for the day £67 starting @ 10.00am-4.00pm Sunday November 11th 2018 With Tim Whild & Rosemary Stephenson During this unique one day workshop Tim Whild & Rosemary Stephenson will take you on a deep journey to GOLDEN Atlantis to activate your true Ascended Master Blueprint. Every single soul on Earth will have had a least one lifetime in the experiment of Atlantis which lasted for 260,000 years and concluded on the 21st December 2012. Many of you may already be aware of this connection and remember some aspects of who you were, and some of you may still be awaiting for more confirmation of this sacred information. This workshop will reconnect you to the highest aspect of yourself and why you have incarnated on Earth at this time. Tim will give us amazing information on what we can expect of our future in the Golden Age of Aquarius and align us with the current high frequency Ascension energies. Tim and Rosemary will guide us through powerful Meditation connecting us to the Twelve Temples of Atlantis and the Temple of Poseideon. We will visit the Temple of the Sun with Lord Voosloo...and the Cosmic heart....and much more!!! Come and join us, raise your vibration and sing with the Angels. For more information on booking tickets for this wonderful day... and payment details.. please contact Rosemary at



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