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Cosmic Heart Energy Healing Level 1

This system of healing teaches you about Divine Love and the importance of working from the heart with love and compassion and always for the highest good of all concerned. The energy frequencies of this system of healing are much higher than reiki and are what are needed now as we move forward in these exciting times. It is a system of healing that takes healing back to its roots with a simple laying on of hands whilst channelling the energies of Divine Love. This system of healing is constantly evolving and does this so that it can meet the needs of the person receiving healing as their energy system is changed each time that they have a healing session. This 2 day workshop is channelled and includes; What is energy healing? The Soul Blockage The importance of self-healing The spiritual ideals The shadow self and ego Meeting your healing angels Connecting with the air elementals Connecting with the element of air The chakras and aura Protection and grounding The difference between healing and curing Energetic clearing of the Soul Blockage Opening of the heart centre to connect you to the energies Practical healing sessions. You will receive a manual, certificate and life time membership to the members part of my website, where there are films, PDFs, audios and blogs to support you. Investment £150, Deposit of £50 required on booking. You will need to bring lunch with you, refreshments are provided.



VISIT WEBSITE 07795 901046
Peaceful Living
Peaceful Living - I am an intuitive healer working with the energies of Cosmic Heart Energy Healing

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