Shamanic Lands: The Otherworld

Shamanic Lands: The Otherworld
The Shamanic Lands is a two day ceremony and waking shamanic journey uniting the ancient knowledge of the British Isles and Ireland with global shamanic wisdom. We are in a time of great change in the world and shamanism is becoming ever more popular as a way to navigate through the turmoil. The call for us to reconnect back to our authentic selves has never been heard louder. This special edition of The Shamanic Lands will take place in a brand new location, here on the ancient lands of Cymru and will open a doorway of exploration deep into the heart of the Celtic mythical traditions of The Otherworld, Annwn, to reignite the relationship our ancestors had with the lands and the spirits of place. Remembering the ancient pathways of Druidry, Celtic Shamanism, Faery Lore and Earth Based Wisdom each teacher and healer will guide us through a unique teaching from their own traditions and from direct experience to craft an interactive space where we will learn from our original ancestors, the light within the earth, the shining ones. Join us on a healing journey through the wisdom teachings, story telling, practical exercises, art, live music and performances, all woven into a unique weekend that will bring harmony, awaken our original connection to nature and highlights the ancient and deep magical heritage that our Shamanic Lands hold. Featuring: Orion Foxwood (USA), Michael Dunning, Yew Shaman, David Leesley (Isle of Man), Danu Forest, Elan Tompkins and Kristoffer Hughes, the Head of the Druids of Anglesey More info:




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