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Crystal Skull Guardian Retreat-7,8,9,10 May 2019-Nr Glastonbury

Crystal Skull Guardian Practitioner Retreat May 2019 (EarthSpirit Centre, near Glastonbury) This Crystal Skull Guardian Practitioner retreat is for both those who are new to this consciousness and those who have been working with Crystal skulls for some time. As the energies on our planet are changing, people are opening up to the energies of the Crystal Skulls and are aware once more that they are a doorway, a bridge, to working with the light. We are so pleased to bring this retreat to the Isle of Avalon, Nr Glastonbury within the heart chakra of Mother Earth. We have been guardians of Crystal Skulls since 2005, when we were guided to Jessie, a clear quartz skull in Germany and Jessie has continued to lead us to many sacred sites around the world as well as guiding us to connect with the Crystal Skull consciousness. We have been blessed to connect to Ancient Skulls as well as being guided to many skull gatherings, including the World Skull conference in Holland in 2006. We have now received guidance that we are to share our knowledge and help others to reach a deeper connection to their own skulls. We run workshops and talks on Crystal Skulls internationally and it is now time to open this energy portal in Glastonbury so that others can share the beauty of Crystal Skulls. We are so excited to facilitate this UK Skull retreat in 2019 to help others raise their vibration and also to bring together a gathering of Skulls to aid us all to prepare for the New Golden Age in 2032. Topics that will be covered include • Meeting the Crystal Skulls • What are Crystal Skulls • History and their connection to Lemuria and Atlantis • Discussion on the Ancient Crystal Skulls • In depth look at the Mitchell Hedges Skull • How to cleanse and activate a crystal Skull. • Why has your Skull chosen you, and what is its goal. • Self-Healing and distant healing with the Skulls • Crystal Skull grids • Collective Crystal Skull healing of the Chakras and Aura.. • Galactic Crystal Skulls • The Crystal Skull collective • These are just a few of the topics that will be covered and more will be added . You will receive a Crystal Skull Guardian Practitioners Certificate on completion of the Retreat. Due to the popularity of this retreat a non refundable deposit of £100…£50.00 now to secure your place and the remaining £50.00 in May 2018. Balance of total due in March 2019, 6 weeks before retreat. To book on go to



VISIT WEBSITE 7887404440 (Neil Hammond)

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