Group Empowerment Coaching Course

Group Empowerment Coaching Course
A highly unique self-development course, which empowers you to make positive movements in your own psychology and create harmony from within. This is a real awareness building journey with others also passionate about their development toward inner freedom. As a fully registered (BACP & NCS) and accredited (NCS) psychotherapist I will be giving you knowledge about the psyche and tools to Set about your liberation. Equally I will share insights From the journey to embodiment that has been part of my own healing journey. This will culminate in the inspiration and the knowledge you need, to truly chip away the old, and locate the new within and without! The course structure: The first course will be starting in May 5th 2018, until Oct 6th. It will span over six months, with twelve group sessions on Saturdays 1pm - 4pm. These sessions are three hours long, and are held fortnightly. The course unfolds into one whole map, meaning, each session leads on from the next, and it's holistic nature, means that in order to capture the full picture of your transformation, you need all parts to make sense of the whole. In essence, this is the whole of you! Each session, I introduce a new aspect, and an approach to understand your psychological make-up, your conditioning, your un-met wounds, strengths, insecurities, possibilities and unhelpful habits. Then you will learn tools for making these parts of you more aware, so that you can re-frame your identity. This allows your strengths and gifts to become more prominent, whilst we iron out the weaknesses. It's a deep and exciting process. The course works practically as well as spiritually, and also helps you with everyday life, in terms of making concrete goals, choices and habits. My idea, is that it leaves you feeling grounded and embodied, because it's a bit of everything, both internal and external. Carl Jung believed that the psyche was ultimately seeking wholeness, and it is this movement toward individuation and wholeness that gives us our freedom. We don’t need to reject any parts of ourselves, instead we want to begin to integrate and understand better, who we are and how we can work as a united team for Yourself. The activities in the group are to solidify what I am introducing, and to accelerate your awareness. The time between sessions is for you to get a deeper sense of how the things I introduce, are operating in your life. It's a type of research, and contemplation time, where your self-awareness grows and seeds begin to take root. This course is held in my home and coaching space, in a peaceful location, overlooking the seafront in Westcliff on Sea, Essex. What you get: As well as over thirty-six hours interactive coaching time with me and the group, you will also be given your own coaching booklet, outlining all the aspects we will be looking at during the coaching course, in addition to homework reflection sheets. Do as little or as much as you like outside of the sessions. You will also receive a CD with guided visualisations, and you will get private coaching group access via my website, with eight video podcasts, (with approx another 4 hours worth of coaching.) The podcasts are for view on your weeks of integration, (between the sessions).



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Hanna Ehlers-Bond Therapist & Coach
Hanna Ehlers-Bond Therapist & Coach - I'm a Psychotherapist and Coach - working with a number of healing tools and practices to aid your self-discovery, and personal transformation.

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