Two Day ANIMAL COMMUNICATION WORKSHOP Learning Animal Communication Remotely

Two Day ANIMAL COMMUNICATION WORKSHOP  Learning Animal Communication Remotely
SUFFOLK LEARNING REMOTE TELEPATHIC ANIMAL COMMUNICATION With Jane Summers 19th & 20th May 2018 This two-day animal communication workshop teaches and then explores more deeply, the intricacies of refining your telepathic abilities to allow you to practise animal communication with optimum clarity. After requests to pass on her techniques to clients who despite having attended various ‘in-person’ workshops, were unable to comfortably practise animal communication, International remote animal communication specialist Jane Summers, formed this workshop -clearly detailing theory, practise and experience of how to enhance personal telepathic ability. Jane’s workshop focuses on working with telepathy remotely, as opposed to working with animals in immediate proximity (in-person). In this environment you will learn tried and tested tips and techniques developed over twelve years of animal communication experience and the opportunity to practise it remotely over the weekend. Once you comfortably know how, you may well explore animal communication closer and with more confidence in your ability to communicate telepathically with animal companions. THE HARMONY CENTRE, WALPOLE HATCH FARM, HALESWORTH. Booking Essential SATURDAY 19th MAY 10am – 5.30pm : LEARNING ANIMAL COMMUNICATION REMOTELY ~ FUNDAMENTAL & FUNDAMENTAL PLUS TECHNIQUES SUNDAY 20th MAY 9.30am – 5.30pm: APPLIED ANIMAL COMMUNICATION [Pre-requisite Day One ] Jane Summers is a professional animal communicator specialising in remote telepathic communication with animals. In 2004 -2007 Janes love of animals led her to train with respected U.S.A. animal communicators Kathleen (Kat) Berard and Penelope Smith in the art of telepathic animal communication (A.C.). From and since then with extensive practise of techniques studied at the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced level courses – her professional practice has evolved. With particular interest in consciousness, natural healing, and spirituality, Jane is also a qualified healer (M.N.F.S.H) and certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner. Teaching and lecturing on A.C. - her two day workshop has twice presented at The London College of Psychic Studies and last year at the Cheltenham Isbourne. Latterly from involvement with animal telepathy Jane has directed her interest to the ethical potential of telepathy with non-verbal people, undertaking her first exploratory session with an infant in 2016. May 2018 will be the sixth year of Jane's workshop at The Harmony Centre. To view full details & for booking please visit or to enquire further please telephone 01508 518969 ~



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