Star Seed Workshop

Star Seed Workshop
Star Seed Gifts and abilities Star Seeds have remarkable spiritual gifts and missions. Those Star Seeds from Sirius have different abilities, training and qualities than those from Arcturus, Orion or the Pleiades. All Star Seeds are different. What are yours gifts? - Is it in healing or energy work? Channeling or teaching? Working with sacred sites or crystals? Something else? Are you using them to their fullest? - Some abilities are only just being understood now. In this workshop Paul will explain the different abilities typically associated with Star Seeds from Sirius A & B Pleaides stars Arcturus Orion stars Andromeda Procyon Alpha Centauri Deneb (Cygnus) the new wave Star Seeds from other locations Paul will help participants understand and connect to their own abilities from the stars and to find ways to express these in their lives.




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