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Energy Management & Intrusive Energy Release. ©

Online professional training Course In Two Parts - Energy Management & Intrusive Energy Release. © For more details. see website or email us. This is a professional training course in releasing intrusive energy within the human energy field. The course includes • Energy Management • Creating Sacred Space • Oils and Clearing Sprays • Using the pendulum • Psychic vampires (human) • Psychic cords • Space Clearance • Portals • Objects • Etheric Parasites (Astral Wildlife) • Elementals and Nature Spirits • Thought and emotional forms • Hexes, vows, contracts and Curses • Signs and symptoms of psychic attack • Discarnate Human Beings • Dark Force Entities • Aliens • Methods of release • Sex Dreams and the energy of intimate contact • Animals and pet spirit issues This course is for people who already have some knowledge and skill in one or more of the areas of energy healing, hypnotherapy, emotional freedom technique, spiritual counselling, mediumship, clairvoyance or similar modalities and feel they are drawn to deal with human energy issues that include some that may be negative such as dark force energy and hexes. Much of the course covers the mysterious realms where the human psyche is influenced from energies that originate from discarnate and other dimensional sources. It is important therefore that the participator in this course has some knowledge of positive spirit contact and practical clairvoyance. You will learn how to deal with intrusive energy; a mixture of discarnate human spirit release, Dark force energies, other energetic influences and much more. The course has two parts totaling five modules with short tests to ensure you understand the work and an essay/case study. A certificate will be issued on completion of part two in: Energy Management & Intrusive Energy Release. ©. Buy both courses now for only £175 sterling (February discount): John Shurvell. Ph. D (Metaphysics)



01435 408109 (John Shurvell)

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