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The Key to the Language of Light

The Key to the Language of Light
Join Alexandra for the last of these powerful workshops to discover the keys to enlightenment and ascension. workshop exploring how we connect with the Spiritual energy, by learning to trust and understand the sights, sounds and feelings we are given. Improve communication through practical exercises to enhance and consolidate your development. There will be guided meditations to develop an even closer connection with Spirit enabling you to develop all aspects of spiritual development and growth and take your understanding of your power to a greater level. This workshop is about aiming high, stretching your abilities and making you more aware of your potential -Merging of the two worlds and the levels of knowing -Refining receptivity and becoming a greater instrument -Develop your intuition and enhance your perception -Get the “self” out of the way -Know the difference between one’s own thoughts and that which is given from spirit -Strengthen the connection and know one’s power Please book early as places are limited. £55* including homemade lunch & refreshments. Alternatively book all three workshops for £150 when booked in advance. *please note prices are non-refundable for cancellations with under 48hours notice.



VISIT WEBSITE 07934096884 (Alexandra Oakes)

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