The Power of Enough

The Power of Enough
Join Alexandra for these powerful workshops to discover the keys to enlightenment and ascension. Self awareness and transition are essential components to self-actualisation and spiritual development. In each workshop, we explore and unravel the layers of consciousness that will evolve you to the highest level of self and spiritual potential. Starting with the emotional self and recognising our limitations with in the ego mind, these workshops progressively go deep into the transition from the psyche to exploring and connecting with the miraculous world of the higher dimensions. The Power of Enough - Saturday 2nd June 10am-4pm Do you question or fear that you’re are enough? Intelligence is the new sexy! Get to know yourself better, create better self-awareness and improve the quality of your life. There is a lot of talk these days about being your true or authentic self, but what does that actually mean? How do you achieve this? Will you be better for it? Various belief systems and ideologies talk about the "Self". We will discuss the big picture of self, from the perspective of spirit and how people get knocked off their path leading to a loss of self. Discover how to find your way back to you in order to step into true authenticity. In this dynamic workshop we will: -Release fear based patterns and ‘upper limiting’ -Transmute lower energy emotions into high energy emotions -Explore The power of vulnerability -set yourself free, the power of forgiveness -Clear your mind and wake up your intuition -Shift fogginess to clear and conscious -Experience stillness in meditation and find contentment Please book early as places are limited. £55* including homemade lunch & refreshments. Alternatively book all three workshops for £150 when booked in advance. There will be a link added here soon. In the meantime if you would like to book or for further details please PM or contact me on 07934096884. *please note prices are non-refundable for cancellations with under 48hours



VISIT WEBSITE 07934096884 (Alexandra Oakes)

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