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SECRETS TO SYMPTOMS ™ META Health Foundation online workshop Join me from the comfort of your own home for this exciting new look at mind body connection You've tried all sorts of remedies, both medical and holistic… Plus spent thousands of pounds and countless years searching for relief… But after all this your symptoms still persist. But why should you have to live with your symptoms. " Why should you be sentenced to a life of pills and potions? " And waste time and money when there are better things to do? And if this describes how you feel keep reading. It's time to throw away your pills and find the root cause of whatever's making you ill. In my new 7 week live webinar series I'll reveal a scientific, biological and energetic paradigm which will assist you in understanding the body and brain and mind connection. In these webinars you'll discover a new way to experience the bodies innate means of survival and healing. We will cover. Session one. " How to communicate with your body in a deeper way than you can possibly imagine right now. " The power of thought in transforming your health. " Mindfulness exercises to get you in touch with your body and the subtle energies inside it. " Where META-Health fits with mainstream health care. " Why the decisions you make affect your health and healing. " How to figure out and optimize your health beliefs. Session two. " The role that stress plays in disease. " Insight on general symptoms and what it means to be META-Healthy. " The process of healing and the "Two phases and nine points of disease model." " The difference between chronic and acute disease processes, and the role of beliefs and emotions. " META-Health case studies that will blow your mind. Session three. " A look at evidence which proves the mind-body-social connection. " A process which assists you in learning what underlies your physical symptoms, and helps you build strategies for deep and complete healing. " An overview of the META-Health questions / analysis process. Session four. " A deeper look at the science which lead to the creation and understanding of the four brain layers model. " Further example of organ-tissue responses and emotion / belief connections. " Plus an in-depth explanation of the organ-tissues responses, as well as the emotion-belief connections. Session five. " An "Introductory level" view of the immune system. " How microbes, bacteria and viruses are involved in the creation and healing of symptoms and diseases. " How the immune system actually works. Sessions six and seven. " Demonstrations plus questions and answers. Plus you get a free bonus video. Things really start to come together in this bonus video. In it we go through transformational techniques which assist you in releasing and healing the conflicts that underpin your symptoms. " You'll get an understanding of what conscious actions for self-healing are. " How to apply them to your specific experience. " Learn a POWERFUL belief change process for assisting you in transforming even deep seated beliefs. " Plus a simple technique which assists you in dissolving emotion and stabilizes your nervous system. This 7 part webinar series costs just £245. Why should you attend? 1. You'll learn how to increase balance in your life 2. Improve your overall health and wellness. 3. Learn why 95% of all illness is caused by stress. 4. What to do about your own health issues, or how to help a relative or friend with a health issue. 5. And if you're a health professional, therapist, coach or counsellor, you'll come away knowing how to deeply understand and heal your clients core issues. I believe health is a choice! It's a choice you need to make EVERY DAY. You don't have to be a prisoner of your symptoms anymore! And if you're ready to address the root cause of your health issues we can help you. ALL WEBINARS ARE LIVE AND RECORDED FOR YOU TO KEEP FOR LIFE ALONG WITH MIND BODY DIRECTORY AND WORKBOOKS You'll learn all this and more in our META-Health Foundations workshop.



VISIT WEBSITE 07976819321 (Penny Croal)
Penny  Croal
Penny Croal - After forays into several successful careers and companies, today I offer wisdom, pathos and compassion in a range of disciplines that, together, embody my deeply held belief in the mind-body connection. As a results-oriented practitioner I only offer modalities that have proven themselves and speak through their outcomes.

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