This ‘Forge Ahead’ experience has been designed to make a lasting positive change to every aspect of your life and is suitable for all. Here is an opportunity to discover and gain a greater understanding of self and the world created. Of how your thoughts and actions are leading to the consequence of life. Are your thoughts and actions helping or hindering your health, happiness, success, and peace of mind? Could self-harming thoughts and negative patterns of behavior be preventing your personal growth and recognition of strengths? Is confusion of direction creating a lack of confidence causing you to remain in a rut of frustration or worse? The weekend is intensive and structured giving time to enable clarity and explore ways to support letting go feelings of lack, confusion, and fear without guilt. You will be guided through a series of varied proven tools and techniques including visualisation, mind/body link, the science of mind, non-dominant hand drawing, meditation, the law of attraction, strengthening intuition, rituals and so much more. Work is done on both a conscious and sub-conscious level to enable positive change to happen and continue long after the weekend is over. All materials, handouts, follow up support, light refreshments throughout and restaurant lunch on both days included. Please email for student/low wage concessions available for this event.



alison forge
alison forge - Author, Inspirational Speaker & Agent for Positive Change

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