CERTIFICATE IN UNIVERSAL SOUL HEALING COURSE BEGINS SATURDAY 10TH MARCH LIMITED PLACES NOW AVAILABLE! This course offers training in what we call ‘Universal Soul Healing’. This is a unique blend of three Healing modalities: Progressive Healing, Soul Healing and Reiki. Students will be attuned to all three levels of Reiki, and so will become certified ‘Reiki Masters’ by the end of the Course. Together these modalities form a complete system of total healing, effective at body, mind and soul levels of the self. The course will also facilitate an opportunity for your own growth and healing. The Course takes place over one year, consisting of one Saturday per month. Handouts of all course material will be issued and students are also encouraged to make their own additional notes. There is no additional ‘homework’ set through the Course, but students are strongly encouraged to thoroughly familiarise themselves with the handout material and also to practise the Healing techniques and skills learned as the course progresses. No prior knowledge or previous experience is required to do this Course. No knowledge or experience will be assumed and the course material covers everything from the beginning. Those with existing Reiki attunements, to whatever level, are required to attend the Reiki days on the Course and will be given the Reiki attunements. This will serve to further enhance Reiki ability, as well as attune you to the other Healing modalities taught. The Course is suitable for those wishing to develop their existing Healing ability or those just starting. The Course is suitable for those wishing to begin or enhance a professional Healing practice or business, as well as those who wish to use Healing on a non-professional basis, for those around them. Students should be aware that the study and development of Healing can require a development of the self. This can involve dealing with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues that may arise. Full support is given throughout the Course. The last day of the Course includes an examination of students’ Healing ability. This is necessary before undertaking any Healing unsupervised, since in Healing we are dealing with another’s well-being and life. Once completed, students will be issued with a ‘Certificate in Universal Soul Healing. The full Prospectus and Enrolment details can be seen on the website – Or email,



07852 980199 (Steve Hounsome)

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