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Goddess Retreat Glastonbury

Healing the Divine Feminine & Finding Sacred Balance Allow your inner Goddess some truly divine time in sacred Avalon. Bathe in the healing waters of the Red and White springs, ascend the mystical Tor, participate in healing meditations, sound baths, chants, Vedic fire ceremony and more with supportive soul sisters as we balance the Divine Feminine and Masculine within. We will spend time at the Chalice Well world peace gardens, taking the waters and washing our feet in the healing pool. We will also have a private ceremony at the White Spring, where we can bathe in the waters of the sacred Divine Masculine, taking the waters, cleansing and empowering the inner masculine. In the spirit of the ancients, our group will walk Glastonbury Tor, earthing our bodies and joining with the forces of nature. Our retreat house is the beautiful, peaceful Shekinashram, with comfortable accomodation and our own workshop space and meditation room. All meals will be lovingly prepared for us each day, fresh vegan food full of life force energy. Participants will have access to the sauna, gardens, communal areas and personal yoga practice space. At the retreat house we will enjoy sharing circles, guided meditations, a traditional Vedic fire ceremony, sound healing, and a workshop on Healing the Divine Feminine and Finding Sacred Balance led by Katy Keel. There is a planned day trip to Stonehenge and Avebury ancient stone circles, to futher earth and integrate the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies within the Heart Chakra of the Earth. And... we will enjoy other trips and surprises, including a visit to the Goddess Temple where we will journey to meet the Lady of Avalon herself... Five days four nights all inclusive full board Entrance fees Circles, workshop, Activations Sound healing and Vedic fire ceremony £550 Early Bird Price £455 A deposit of £95 will secure your place Register now & reserve your space:



+44 7538 722205 (Katy Keel)
Katy Sophia
Katy Sophia - As a Wayshower I can show you how to come back into balance, into alignment with your Soul Path, and apply appropriate remedies so that change really takes hold and blossoms in your life. Once you commit to the journey, your Life will never be the same. I specialise in helping you to clear away anything that limits you so you can reveal the radiance of who you truly are. When there is nothing hindering you there is no limit to who you can be, and what you can achieve. You find soul alignment and become truly powerful. I work with the tools of astrology, healing, meditation, and coaching in one to one sessions; I also run groups, courses and retreats. I love group process, and working with sacred cycles, astrological portals and sacred sites.

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