Nantwich Yoga Mind Body Spirit Event 3rd 4th March 2018

Nantwich Yoga Mind Body Spirit Event 3rd 4th March 2018
A weekend of Mind Body Spirit Event 3rd/4th March 50 + Exhibitors 30 + Talks & Workshops Scheduled In Two Areas All Included in The Entrance Stage Demonstrations 1pm both days, Clive Howells Demonstrating Chen Style Tai Chi, and providing a workshop both days. International mediums, Simon Goodfellow, Ali Mather, Angela Welsh, Shirley Rose, Rebekha Leigh, Melinda Cooper, Stephanie J. King, Mark Aston, Michelle Lawson, Glennis Martin & we have Jackie Townsend Astrologer from Leomoon Astrology available for consultations, aura soma , connecting with your soul purpose another great method of exploration & psychic artist Kaye Anna Law. International Healers & Complementary Therapists Reflexology with Emma Hopkins, Crystal Bed Healing & Healing From John of God, With Irma Ziolkowska , Access The Bars™ & Energy facelifts With Barbara Louvrou, Pyramid Intuitive Energy Healing With John Sargent, Trinfinity8 healing method with Chris Quartermaine, Spiritual Healing With Andy Revill, , Massage with massage mitts with the designer Sandra Whittle, Indian Head Massage & also hand ear and face reflexology with Usha Henderson and so much more. Retailers We have many retailers of beautiful crystal jewellery, magnetix healing jewellery, clothing, CDs, books, orgonites pyramids, unique high vibrational crystals such as Crystal Clear by Victoria, aromatherapy oils from Fairyland Aromatics, oils, oil burners, electric oil burners, incense, the greatest selection rose quartz crystal lamps & salt lamps and such beautiful designs & many unusual gifts, dream catchers, Buddha’s, drums, flutes, from Wiseman Native American you can meet the maker too, as with the wands made by sacred woodcraft, ash wands, alder wands, hazel wands , rain sticks, aloe vera products , tropic, NYR & other products. Book Ahead Your Angelhair Strands or spirit strands, you can have these done at the show with Flavia Kate Peters. They really do look great and can last for many weeks up to 8 weeks some people say. How good is that. Two Workshops Areas In The Main Hall The New Designated Area To Include Yoga Workshops Chen Style Tai Chi & other workshops to inspire and guide you.. Upstairs Talks & Workshops To Inspire & Guide You Saturday 3rd March 2018 10:15am What A Treat – Angel Meditation – This s a powerful and deep inner journey to invoke the archangels in order to receive healing , guidance, peace , clarity, and purpose. What a fantastic way to start your weekend with yourself Flavia Kate Peters 11:00am Join Demonstration of Mediumship with Ali Mather ~ Reuniting Loved Ones They Never Say Goodbye. 11:30am The Power Animal Drum Journey – Barbara Meiklejohn-Free 12:30pm Soul Architect – Soul Journey Workshop Leigh Rebekha 1:00pm The health benefits of Aloe Vera with Lis George. 1:30pm Discover More About Intuitive Energy Healing With John Sargent 2:00pm Crystal Bed Healing from John of God with Irma Ziolkowska 2:30pm All About Dowsing in This Fun & Interactive Workshop Would you Like to Learn More About Dowsing? Join In This interactive Learning Session A brief introduction to dowsing: including Why learn to dowse?, How does it work?, How can it help me with my health, environment and life decisions? And the chance to have a go at using pendulums and rods. Chris is a member of the British Society of Dowsers, and has been using dowsing for over twenty years. 3:00pm Making A Better ME With Mining Me A Self Revealing Survey – With Author Christopher Gilmore what direction are you heading in spiritually?. 3:45pm Find your souls purpose with Aura Soma consultants with Susan Bailey. 4:30pm A dazzling demonstration of mediumship with Simon Goodfellow. 5:00pm “Healing your Five Bodies with Ayurveda” Peter Brown NEW DESIGNATED YOGA ,TAI CHI – AREA & Extra Talks Workshops In The Main Hall Talks & Workshops To Inspire & Guide You Saturday 3rd March 11:30am Dawn Murray – is an Essential Oil Educator, Success Coach and Holistic Therapist, who loves educating and empowering people to use essential oils, to improve their health and wellness, naturally! Essential Oils, a natural approach to health and wellness. Join us and experience for yourself what everyone is talking about and learn how to support your families’ health and wellness naturally with Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. 12:30pm Access The Bars®, de-clutter the mind, the ultimate transformation in concentration we all need this with Barbara Louvrou Many more talks and workshops please subscribe to our newsletter and or click the link



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