AWARENESS OF SPIRIT ART and PSYCHIC ART Webinar (International Online Access)

AWARENESS OF SPIRIT ART and PSYCHIC ART Webinar (International Online Access)
THE SPIRIT ARTISTS INTERNATIONAL WEBINAR FULL-DAY 'LIVE ONLINE WORKSHOP' 27 Jan 2018 “Opening Your Awareness of Spirit Art in Mediumship” Finally, real tools & real techniques for people across the world to join together to learn from their home in a virtual classroom! ABOUT THE WEBINAR Join this Spirit Art online seminar if you have an inner desire to begin developing as a Spirit Artist Medium. Lectures, Talks and Drawing Tutorials to help you understand your calling to Psychic Art and Spirit Art and discover the MUST have TOOLS for your art box and most importantly learn the value of the 6 Steps towards becoming a Spirit Artist. This spirit art online seminar will strengthen your mental toolbox and provide *practical steps* towards your development skills as a Spirit Artist Medium. LEVEL SUITABLE FOR Complete Beginners (OR Higher Abilities). However, you must genuinely be interested in going back to basics to discover new steps that may facilitate your development as a Freelance Spirit Medium Artist. This is the very first format in this full day online Spirit Portrait workshop in the UK! So SIGN UP before it's too late and discover what you need to know when branching into the field of Spirit Art. YOU WILL NEED •A Laptop or IPad •Wi-Fi / Speakers / Mic •Blank A4 paper(s) •HB Pencil / Eraser •Patience •No Prior Drawing Skills Necessary EARLY BOOKING ADVISABLE Discount ends soon



VISIT WEBSITE 08006129038 (Anne-Marie)

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