Crystal Healing Beginners Workshop

Crystal Healing Beginners Workshop
For those with little or no experience of crystal healing This one day workshop covers: A brief history of crystal healing, What crystals do, Crystal hand reflexology, Theory of crystal healing, The psychic senses, How to use a pendulum, How to choose a crystal, Crystals for pain relief & general healing, Crystals for intuitive / psychic development, Protection & crystal cleansing, Crystal meditation, basic chakra sensing. Even if you have never touched a crystal before, by the end of the day you will have more than enough knowledge and confidence to work on family and friends and know a little about the properties of a dozen different crystals,, what they do, how and why they work Choice of locations NOTTINGHAM 21st January or DONCASTER 3rd February Erick has been practicing and working with crystals on a daily basis for over 25 years. He offers a lively, thought provoking workshop which will open a door into a new way of looking at yourself and the world and leave you with a new skill which will be useful to you for the rest of your life. Absolutely no previous experience needed.



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