Helping Ourselves and Mother Earth to Heal and Rebirth

Helping Ourselves and Mother Earth to Heal and Rebirth
Healing ourselves and the Earth needs to be a priority as we move forward into 2018 . The New Year is a time of ‘New Beginnings’ and therefore provides us with an excellent opportunity to do some healing work for both ourselves and the Earth, to set ourselves up for the coming year. I feel sure that we will see the power of love as we work together as a group from the heart and I know that we will all be able to expand out hearts further by the end of the day and so unlock more wisdom and knowledge from within. The theme of “Re-birthing” is appropriate, as the New Year rings in change and is a time when people choose to look at themselves and what they would like to change. Change, however, doesn’t come without going within and truly understanding what it is that needs to heal in order for you to be able to create the world that you wish to live in. For change to be instigated, healing must have taken place. Whether we are consciously aware or not, we are all going through a period of re-birthing along with the Earth, which will continue as we move through the next few years. This is a very significant time in our history and when we are willing to go inward to find completeness we naturally assist with raising the vibration and helping the Earth to also find that completeness. Authenticity is key moving forward and each of us, including the earth, needs to move into our authentic self, becoming once more the multidimensional, limitless being of love that we truly are. Earth is an entity who needs us to help assist her with facilitating her healing and there is a lot that we can do to help bot individually and as a group. To heal on a deep level we must first heal ourselves so as we raise our vibration we can help the Earth to heal on a much deeper level. Working collectively we can really help her to clear the negativity that has accumulated within her over many thousands of years. This workshop will be channelled and experiential and will include: Clearing birth trauma for all lifetimes to create a space for change. Manifesting with an open heart to birth your new ideas. How we can help the Earth to rebirth herself. As always, this will be a relaxed event where I will be guided by my heart and Source. There will be group work, individual healing and healing work done as a group, to assist ourselves and the Earth. I have come to understand that birth trauma and our time in the womb can have a huge effect on our lives once we are born into human form affecting what we feel we can achieve, how we perceive ourselves, and how focussed we are. Birth trauma can trigger past life events and memories creating all sorts of issues for us from a very young age in each lifetime. Healing and clearing birth trauma is therefore an important part of healing ourselves, if we want to find truth, happiness, peace and completeness. Come along and join in with this relaxed, intuited workshop which promises to provide us with a powerful platform for healing for both ourselves and the Earth. Investment £60 payable on booking, includes lunch and refreshments



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Peaceful Living - I am an intuitive healer working with the energies of Cosmic Heart Energy Healing

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