Identity Constellations Workshop (North London)

DISCOVER WHO YOU TRULY ARE - BENEATH WHO YOU HAD TO BECOME This deeply connecting & healing workshop works explores parts of the self - unseen wounded parts, the parts that protected us, and our healthy essential self which is always there. Identity Constellations are significantly revised from their Family Constellations roots, and firmly based in current attachment, bonding and trauma theories. The workshop offers an amazing and empowering route to finding out who you truly are, and what you truly want. WHAT HAPPENS? For each constellation, we simply ask the question: “What do you want?” From this the client creates a ‘Sentence of Intention’ which provides the framework for their self-encounter. Members of the group are invited to participate as Representatives. They simply report on their physical or emotional experience in the moment. A ‘Constellation’ emerges and parts of the self begin to come into contact and interact. IoPT/Identity Constellations were developed by Professor Franz Ruppert alongside his Multi-Generational Psycho-Traumatology theory. With roots in the Family Constellations of Bert Hellinger, this significantly revised method also incorporates current scientific and psychological theories of Limbic Resonance, Bonding and Attachment. PRICES - WORKING PLACE £80* / £90 You are guaranteed a personal constellation - REPRESENTATIVE £45* / £55 Opportunities to participate in others’ constellations. This also offers personal insights, learning and healing. NB Working Places are limited and fill up quickly. It is sometimes possible to upgrade to a Working Place on the day. * Early Bird price ends 2 weeks before each workshop. DATES, INFO & BOOKINGS



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