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Tushita-Nepal is an ideal Yoga Retreat Resort in Pokhara for self realization / spiritual awakening. It has 9 rooms named after the nine planets. World Peace Stupa is just nearby and 3 mountains above 8000 m. seen from Tushita. Far from the madding crowd; Architecture according to Vastu Shastra (Fengsui); Herbal garden - Ayurvedic food, Library-Music-Yoga and meditation room, Astrology Outlook, nature therapy and spiritual healing. Indeed, Tushita-Nepal is meant for those who are in pursuit of happiness and peace.. Not blowing own trumpet we are in the classic location; Please Watch Himalaya View from Tushita- Nepal htpp:// LOCATION : In the heart of Annapurna Himalayas Pokhara city – Nepal. 200 km west from Kathamndu; tourist bus leaves at 7 am from just in front of Royal palace at Euro 15 and flight in every hour from 8 am to 2 pm at Euro 122. Let us know if E-ticket needed. ALTITUDE: We are at 1122 m above the sea level- always above cloud. No problem of Cold although mountains are so near just 19 km away areal distance. TEMPERATURE: Winter: Nov-Dec-Jan (8-20 degree) Summer Jun-July-Aug (16to29) GROUP SIZE: 2 to 4 person only in order to maintain spiritual vibration and personal care RETREAT COURSE: Retreat program starts on every Sunday all the year around. FOOD & DRINKS: Ayurvedic Food only, herb juice, fruits, milk, Organic coffee, herb tea, detox drinks, organic vegetables and fruits from our own garden. ACCOMMODATION : One person one room according to their ruling planet. PACAKGAE COST : 7 night 8 days (Intensive) retreat package costs Euro 666 per person. COST INCLUDES: Pick up transportation, accommodation, 3 Ayurvedic meals a day- fruits- juices, herb detox drink, mineral water, slipper, mattress, T-Shirt, tissue papers, yoga-meditation am 2hrs & pm 2 hrs a day, astrological outlook, Ayurvedic cooking class, hikes, taxes, gifts etc. PAYMENT: Cash on arrival appreciated because we do not have Pay-pal account and for master card payment bank charges you 5 % extra. YOGA TYPE: GYANA YOGA , HATHA YOGA, BHAKTI YOGA, KARMA YOGA, RAJA & TANTRAYOGA (not sexual pose like people have understood in the west) WHAT TO BRING? = Carry Bag (not suitcase) shall be easy to travel in Nepal, your personal medicine / things and just 2 extra pair of clothes (LIGHT TRAVEL), wind & rain proof jacket –trouser, comfortable walking boots. Otherwise, you can buy anything at reasonable cost. NOTE: Let us know if you need tourist bus ticket or air ticket. Other tours can be discussed here. No need to worry as Shrestha is a travel book writer. Feel like your own home. . . OTHER NEEDED INFORMATION (a) Tushita-Nepal is a place for purification. Experience spiritual vibration and receive BLESSING FROM ALMIGHTY GURU GORAKSHNATH…. (b) Check in only on Sunday or Wednesday throughout the year. (2 to 4 pax only at a time) for personal touch and maintaining spiritual vibration. (c) Accommodated according to the zodiac sign / ruling planet only. So, please give us your date of birth- time- day- place we need for accommodating you (Vedic astrology) (d) Shoes off / Mobile off / Self service is the basic rules. (Email & Phone time after breakfast or Lunch for 1 / 1 hour through WIFI) (e) You need to think your own home and learn more BHAKTI YOGA (devotion), KARMA YOGA (selfless duty), GYANA YOGA (knowledge), RAJA YOGA (purity), HATHA YOGA (activating male and female nadis).... all the types of yoga. (f) May you come and discover your ‘self’ – kindle your inner light. It is like digging your own well for quenching thirst. We take you beyond Buddha, Jesus, Mohamad, Nanak. You may have 100 of questions- related to spiritual path- yoga but once you understand "What does Vedic Sanatan Dharam Mean? and why must we go around temple anti-clockwise- Then, you will be able to understand who you are and the purpose of life... Please feel free if you have any questions. See you someday. Thank you ! Rajesh Shrestha (Mobile: +977-9856025232 / Land phone: +977-061621222 Detail information at: / EXPLORE THE ULTIMATE YOGA DESTINATION ! MAY YOU COME AND DISCOVER YOUR SELF AND LIVE A MEANINGFUL LIFE .. TUSHITA NEPAL SPIRITUAL YOGA-MEDITATION RETREATS POKHARA VALLEY - NEPAL ===================================================================------===========



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