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Naad Yoga Teacher Training - The Way to Mastery

Do you feel disconnected from yourself? Do you find it difficult to relate to your emotions? Would you like to create more balance in your life? Do you want to find your true voice and sing your own song? Naad Yoga Teacher Training is a comprehensive course, covering vocal training, listening skills, sound and meditation, the healing power of sound and its practical application, composition and performance, as well as learning how to play one of six traditional Indian instruments: Saranda, Sarangi, Taus, Rabab, Jori and Dilruba. This 3-year course consists of weekly lessons online, intensive weekend workshops, individual learning supported by a tutor and one residential week per course year. Learn how to master the inner communication between mind and soul, using an alchemy of sound and emotions from which emerges the best version of yourself, capable of dealing with anything life might throw at you. Naad Yoga means harnessing your voice, building up your ability to listen and connecting to your inner emotional landscape in order to achieve self-mastery.
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