SPIRIT ART PORTRAIT and MEDIUMSHIP COURSE WEBINAR INTIMATE ONLINE CLASSROOM Discover skills for PSYCHIC ART ******* Discover YOUR talent in Spirit ART for the Art of Mediumship. This and learn how to become a Spirit Artist. FRIDAY 01 SEP to 24 SEPT 2017 19.00 - 20.15 (UK Time) Spaces Available if you would like to Discover your Spirit Portrait and PSYCHIC art skills. No more Alien heads No more Bug Eyes No more incorrect noses..or mouth Learn a Technical template that will work EVERYTIME!! Learn to create facial expressions excellent for those at the skill level listed above or my Matchstick People drawers. As you develop you will also learn how to apply your Mediumship with your Portraits and learn ALSO how to be better in your Mediumship Delivery to execute a better Overall Presentation. If you ACT FAST..... You could be joining this intimate group of like minded people attending from all over the world gathering behind their computers to *LISTEN to lectures on Spirit ART and Mediumship *FOLLOW Step by Step drawing tutorials *Receive FEEDBACK on your drawing skills *Take part in a HEALING MEDITATION *Learn how to CONNECT WITH SPIRIT DEEPER *Learn how to become a Spirit Artist of Substance But HURRY.... Spaces are likely to be filled pretty soon. Hope you don't miss out! I HAVE CREATED A SAFE ENVIORMENT WHERE EVERY STUDENT BENEFITS Your thoughts create the way you FEEL... if you are not confident likely to feel "What's the won't work for me"....or I don't have the money.... but if it's something you want to do... Lose the reasons why you CAN'T and INVEST in the thoughts of WHY YOU CAN AND WHY YOU SHOULD join us. After COURSE 1... Trust me...YOU WILL want to continue!! Did you know that our thoughts create the way we feel, BUT GUESS WHAT.... WE CONTROL OUR CONSCIOUS THOUGHTS too many of us forget that. We forget we also have the POWER to change our State of mind at any given moment. So, if this is something you wanted to do for awhile.... I challenge you to change your THOUGHT STATE to I'M ABLE... I CAN ... I WILL and SIGN UP today within the next 5 minutes!!! This course will create a stepping stone.. another avenue for your spirit to expand into the joyous wonder of Spiritual Unfoldment. To RESERVE YOUR PLACE email: I will take care of the rest!! AnneMarie FB @annemariebondcsnu FB@theportraitofspirit Websites



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