Kansa Wand Training 50% off Online Courses.

Retreats & 50% off Online Courses.
For a limited time only 50% off all our online training courses in complementary therapies. Try the newest healing method sweeping the UK. Ayuveda Kansa Wands, we offer workshops and online training London & Rhodes. Also dont miss the chance in a life time to come to the beautiful island of Rhodes to take part in one of our many workshops, our up and coming workshop is the Pellowah healing Workshop, being taught for the first time ever in Greece & Europe. We are also offering 50% off ALL online Training courses for those that are not fortunate enough to be able to visit our Lovely Island. Watch out for more workshops being held in London & mainland Greece. use the code "spirit" for your 50% off. Full details of all events, workshops & training via the website



VISIT WEBSITE 00302241029031 (Sharon Sands)

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