Universal self discovery & DARE induction

Universal self discovery & DARE induction
SECRETS of LIFE – Innovation, Inspiration the fast track answers compared to a university course in 5-days, changes your life for the better. Self-Discovery with a twist. With advanced Learning for Aquarian Age and emotional clearing combined to give fast and effective results.     The Biggest SECRET is you - So Secret unaware what we absorb biologically and mentally or what historical issues we carry! Generational Trauma is biologically inherited, subconscious acts, unwanted and caps. Learn why we live poverty and suffer disorders? What is it that holds us back in life? Dissolve chains that bind you. Learn how to identify, avoid, correct and prevent. Emotional clearing daily.    Hidden factors …. Promises, vows oaths, Karma holds back and limits, creating obstacles we don’t want.  Improve well-being and health. Daily emotional clearings are phenomenal lighter, clearer and take control. Covers all aspects of human life and spiritual discovery. Open to anyone, enhances all previous abilities. A stand-alone course and Prerequisite Induction training to D.A.R.E therapy training.



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