Mind Body & Spirt Fair



01704 335 055 (Sharon)
    THIS IS A 2 DAY EVENT Saturday 8th & 9th April 2017 </br>PEN 10AM UNTIL 5PM BOTH DAYS</br>MBS Fairs bring together a wide range of products and service from a diverse group of holistic minded people, drawing exhibitors from across the UK.</br></br>Explore alternative or complementary therapies, maybe have a sample treatment or chat to a practitioner to find out more.</br></br>Have a consultation with a medium or psychic to receive life guidance or help with a particular issue.</br>Discover a whole host of products associated with the mind, body and spirit genre, fair trade and eco friendly products and other unusual items not easily found in High Street shops.</br></br>MBS Fairs provide FREE talks, demonstrations or workshops each day to further provide information on a variety of associated topics. These can include talks on Angels, crystals, palmistry and astrology, a demonstration of mediumship and demonstrations of various therapies are usually to be found on the programme.

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