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    45 + Exhibitors 30 + Talks & Workshops All Included In The Entrance</br></br>50 + Stands , International Mediums, Simon Goodfellow, Ali Mather, Bethany White, Paul Hunter, Stephanie J. King, Shirley Rose, Suzanne Potts, Stuart Jones & others. Kevin Doe presenting Aura Interpretation & Psychic Artist Kaye Anna Law With Some of Her Spiritual & Mystical Gallery Collection Too. and Harmony9 providing the essential element of Feng Shui.</br></br>International Healers, Experience Pyramid Energy Healing, Crystal Bed Healing From John of God, Trinfinity8, Reiki with Heart Training, Chakra Ascension, Trance Healing, Reflexology, Past Life Regression, Hypnotherapy.& others</br></br>An Interesting Selection Of Retailers – beautiful bespoke orgonite pyramids, crystal jewellery, Italian clothing, magnetix jewellery, wonderful high vibrational crystals, moldivate, healing & meditation tools, salt lamps, buddhas, angels products, aromatherapy oils, from Fairyland Aromatics who produce handmade and organic essentials oils and body care products, aloe vera, tropic, and so much more.</br></br>Talks & Workshops To Inspire & Guide You In 3 Rooms </br>All Colour Coded So Easy To Navigate To When At The Venue.</br>Workshop Room 1 – PINK see listing below</br>Workshop Room 2 – GREEN see listing below </br>Workshop Room 3 – BLUE see listing below </br>Saturday 27th May</br></br>Workshop Room 1 – PINK</br>• 10:15am – Opening Meditation – Boost Your Day – Your Body, Your Mind, Your Soul</br>With Stephanie J. King Inspiring Author, Trance Medium, Healer, Reader, SOULPRENEUR ™</br>• 11:00am – Demonstration of Mediumship With Ali Mather They Never Say Goodbye</br>• 11:30pm – Demonstration of Mediumship Paul Hunter Connecting With Loved ones</br>• 12:00pm – What Exactly is Trance Healing & Psychic Surgery? Who & what is involved?. What are the benefits how does it differ from other more traditional and familiar forms of healing?. All will be explained by Tim Doyle – The Psychic Scientist” along with a demonstration of his very powerful and wonderful form of healing. Come along and find out more.Tim Doyle.</br>• 12:30pm – Your Spiritual Journey With Leigh Rebekha </br>• 1:00pm – Past Life Regression Therapist With John Richardson Enjoy The Past Life Journey </br>• 2:00pm – Ho’ oponopono such a liberating subject with Christopher Gilmore </br>” Please forgive me”, ” I am sorry “, ” I love you ” & ” Thank you “.</br>• 3:00pm – Robert Nutt & Alan Harris ~ All about Reiki with heart training working with ascended masters. </br>• 3:30pm – Harmony 9 is a unique union of the ancient principals of Feng Shui, Symbols, Crystals, Colour and Numerology.</br>• 4:00pm –Want to know more about Trinfinity8, Its a must to try, this could be the healing remedy for you with Christopher Quartermaine.</br>• 4:30pm – A Dazzling Demonstration Of Mediumship With Simon Goodfellow</br></br>Workshop Room 2 – GREEN</br>• 11:00am – Dowsing For Answers In This Fun & Interactive Workshop With Chris Quartermaine</br>• 11:30am – Doterra Oils – The Benefits of Using Essential Oils To Manage Stress & Support The </br> Immune System With Dawn Murray</br>• 12:00pm – The Benefits Of Aloe Vera With Lis George</br>• 12:30pm – Crystal Bed Healing & healing from John of Gods With Irma Ziolkowska</br>• 1:00pm – Stuart Jones Tales Of The Unexpected , about Stuarts Experiences As a Medium.</br>• 2:00pm – The amazing world of aura imaging with Kevin Doe – in this colourful workshop you may discover your natural ability to see auras.</br>• 2:30pm – Find Your Souls Purpose With Aura Soma Consultant Emma Simmonds & Susan Bailey</br>• 3:00pm – Pyramid Energy Healing With John Sargent Join This Amazing Journey Feel The Energy I</br>• 4:00pm – Christopher Gilmore Get ready For Death As A Swing Door An absolutely Fascinating Subject Its Going To Be Such an Interesting Debate. We Have All Got Our Own Unique Stories, That We May Want To Share.</br></br>Workshop Room 3 – BLUE ~ Housing Sound & Movement Experiential Workshops</br>• 11:30am – 12:15am – Get Ready For This Amazing Experience Laughter Yoga Demonstration & Workshop Get Those Lungs Going & Your Vibration Lifted This is Seriously Good For Your Health With Veerji Hasyananda</br>• 12:30pm – 1:15pm – Chen Style Tai Chi With Clive Howells Local Instructor, graceful movement creating energy. Observe or join in its so beneficial for you, graceful movement.</br>• 1:30pm -2:15pm – Come Along And Explore Yoga With Shelley Aspden from Its So good For You And So Enjoyable</br>• 2:30pm -3:15pm – TBC</br>• 3:30pm -4:30pm – Get More Of This Before you Leave It’s Great For Your Immune System So Get Topped Up With More Experience of Laughter Yoga Workshop Get Those Lungs Going & Your Vibration Lifted This is Seriously Good For Your Health & You Will Learn Lots Of Inspiring Techniques Veerji Hasyananda</br></br>A full itinerary for Sunday including a Mandala Art 2 hour workshop at 10:30am until 12:30pm </br></br><a target=_blank class='lnkorange12px' href=''></a></br>Entrance £3 con

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