Deepening Connections to the Inner Self

Deepening Connections to the Inner Self



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    Deepening Connections to the Inner Self Residential or 2 day workshop Saturday 15.07.17 to Sunday 16.07.17</br></br>There is a wise inner self or guide within us that is out of time and space and therefore all seeing and knowing.</br>This inner self is always trying to speak to you, to guide you or to advise you.</br>Thus through a series of ever deepening relaxation and meditation sessions (including Yoga Nidra or Yogic sleep) be still and go within to meet this wise inner advisor.</br>There will be a balanced blending of personal written work, group discussion and meditation.</br> </br>This retreat aims to:</br>Teach the student how to deepen their ability to relax and meditate (Beginners welcome)</br>Teach the student how to successfully seek the advice of the inner self on their own personal issues.</br>Provide through discussion and written exercises such as automatic writing space to understand and assimilate the messages that are received.</br> </br>There will be some silence and outdoor meditations -weather permitting. Suitable for all levels of experience from the curious and playful to the intrepid explorers of consciousness</br></br>See <a href="" class="lnkOrange12px" target="_blank"></a> for more details or email :<a class="lnkOrange12px" href=""></a>

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