The Biggest SECRET is you - Self Discovery and D.A.R.E Therapy Induction



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    SECRETS of Life Self Discovery and D.A.R.E practitioners Induction </br>Rebirth of the Heart, Mind, Body and Soul opening to Advanced levels of Living, Learning and Spiritual development. Quantum Psychics explained with reality outcomes. </br>A combined workshop to deliver the New You.</br></br>The Biggest SECRET is you - So Secret we don’t know what we are doing in LIFE!</br>Don’t waist time. Get your life back and jettison past restrictions.</br>6-days of wonderment and new discovery</br>Leeds 22-27th April 2017</br>Cheltenham 22nd -27th July Isbourne Holistic Centre </br>Chester June - TBC </br>See web site for other dates and Dissolve and Resolve Emotions (D. A.R.E) unique Therapy training programme. Special Discounts with block booking options</br></br>Find out answers to you; your body, psychological influences and emotions. How we integrate others emotions and trauma passed on through generations and foetal origins (womb). Find out what legacies passed down, are not yours to live. How hidden and ancestral factors rule our lives. Interfering with creative and spiritual path. </br></br>Learn how to correct, avoid and prevent. Improve well-being and health. Daily emotional clearings are phenomenal and students feel lighter, clearer and able to take control of their own lives, having emptied their baggage. </br></br>Enhance your 6th senses, intuition and receive direct cognition. 6-days of adjustment, internal space and wonder. Enhance all aspects of you Bringing Soul, Spirit and Destiny together</br></br>What did you inherit from your close family? How is this affecting you in your daily decisions and emotions? Learn how to understand your inheritance, who left you packages you did not want and don’t understand? Are you living poverty or fear due to family? </br>Clear the decks from unwanted inheritance for a new future and destiny. The only course that gives answers eliminates your past, and present limitation and capping.</br></br><a href="" class="lnkOrange12px" target="_blank"></a></br></br></br>Diamond Inguz LiGHt Healing - <a href="" class="lnkOrange12px" target="_blank"></a></br></br><a href="" class="lnkOrange12px" target="_blank"></a></br> </br>Induction - Secrets of Life - <a href="" class="lnkOrange12px" target="_blank"></a></br>

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