Sound Healer Practitioner Training Course



01525 753866 (June Dickerson)
    The Sound Healer Practitioner Training is run over 5 weekend modules. The training is with June & Rob Dickerson who are tutors for The College of Sound Healing in Bedfordshire. For this training course you will be required to do 36 case studies over the training period. You will also need a C & G Body Tuner set of tuning forks for use from part two of the training. Each module is roughly 3 months apart, and payment is required before each module. You will also need student insurance during your case studied, and will also need to become a student member of The College of Sound Healing. Each module is £185.00</br>Module 1 13th/14th May 2017 An Introduction to Sound Healing</br>Module 2 19th/20th August 2017 The Theory and Practice of Sound Healing</br>Module 3 25th/26th November 2017 Music as Medicine</br>Module 4 24th/25th February 2018 Sound Healing through the Chakras</br>Module 5 19th/20th May 2017 Graduation Weekend/Additional Sound Healing Techniques</br></br>For more information or to book a place on this popular course, please contact June on <a class="lnkOrange12px" href=""></a> or visit our website at</br>

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