Metatronia Therapy - Source Light Workshop Sedona Arizona



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    Join us for a full day Metatronia Therapy experience. Metatronia Therapy is here at this time to assist the Light Evolutionary process of mankind. The latest in Quantum Healing & Alignment. Assisting the ascension and awakening, alignment and expansion journey, bringing alignment with the Sacred Geometric Inscriptions of the Living Light of the One, unified pure Source consciousness.</br></br>Hosted by Tammy Majchrzak & Valorie Farber </br></br>This vibration is not just limited to healing. It works above and beyond, infinitely expanding in-line with Source. This workshop is an initial introduction to Metatronia Therapy vibration. This will be a very transformational event, with deep inner healing and release.</br></br>Connecting you with Source through the vibration and divine love of the Trilogy Masters of light – Archangel Metatron, Jesus & Thoth.</br></br>Much of this workshop will be spent in deep connection and working with the silent light of Source. Opening you to higher conscious and vibrational dimensions. You will emerge from this workshop renewed, aligned and with a deeper connection to the living light of Source.</br></br>This is a unique opportunity to experience this divine vibration and receive training by the main MTFOL Trainers and Light initiates.  </br></br> Workshop Package:</br></br>• Attunement to Non-Active, *Active and *Master Attuner Practitioner levels - for those already attuned*)</br>• Transmissions of Light</br>• Communion & Connection with the Trilogy Masters of Light</br>• PowerPoint Presentation</br>• Healing, Alignment and connection</br>• Healing Demonstration for Practitioners</br>• Metatation – Deep connection meditation</br>• Guidance & Advice from the Metatronia Therapy Founders</br></br></br>Cost $240 per person - $100 non refundable deposit secures your place - Reservation payment can be made via PayPal to <a class="lnkOrange12px" href=""></a></br></br>MTFOL (Metatronia Foundation of Light ) Accredited & Approved Training Providers</br></br></br> </br></br></br></br></br>

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