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Bella Luna

About Bella Luna

Spiritual Life Coach, Soul Plan Practitioner, Tarot Reader, Healer & Workshop Facilitator

As a Spiritual Life Coach, Healer & Multi-Passionate Mystic I offer support to cosmically inclined women, who lack purpose and are disenchanted with the world around them. It is my mission to bring meaning, mischief and magic into your life through tangible tools and intuitive insight.

I love all things magical and mystical but don’t ascribe to any one particular religion, I find value in them all. Take what resonates, and build your own belief system. As well as a mystic, I also consider myself a scientist, and strongly disagree with the notion that magic and science are mutually exclusive.

Make the journey as magical as the destination, is the saying I live by. I believe in making the most of every single step of the adventure, instead of waiting for one day. One day is NOW.

My childhood was a fairy tale, that was, until adolescence kicked in. My teenage years were fraught with depression, self-harm and sexual trauma. It was through these challenges that I gained many of the gifts and insights that are so imperative to my coaching and support of others. My empathy runs deep and my wisdom ever-growing.

The darkness has consumed me many times, and yet I return, stronger and all the more powerful for it. I lost myself and spent years crawling back to remembrance. I knew I had to re-build and re-invent myself. My life didn’t fit me anymore, so I moulded my life into one that did. And now I fly higher, sing louder, dance harder, and drum faster. For no-one can dampen the fire in my vibrant and eternal soul.

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Bella Luna - Spiritual Life Coach, Soul Plan Practitioner

Providing holistic and alternative ways to Support, Heal, Share & Inspire… At a crossroads in life and need support and guidance? ​Experienced a trauma and searching for alternative healing? ​Do you have questions you would like to share but don’t know who to ask? ​Are you wondering what your purpose in life is and seek inspiration for your direction? ​If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then I could have just the medicine for you. Through Spiritual Life Coaching, Tar ...

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